Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 507 - Measuring Effort In The Big Blue.

June 29, 2014             235.8 lbs

Big swim Sunday! Well, only 3000 yards. But 2000 were timed at race pace.

I was going to meet up with Roland Valdez, but got caught up with errands so I ended up getting to Alamitos Bay in the early evening. 

The water was great and I got to stretch out and work on my technique. The swim area that is buoyed off is .25 of a mile each length, which is perfect . I did my time trail in 2000 yards = 43:40.

One thing that is becoming a problem is the chafing from my current wetsuit.

A friend on Instagram mentioned Bag Balm to help soothe and heal it so I'm trying it out. I also received my stretching device to help with my plantar fasciitis. We will see what happens.

That is it for now. Until tomorrow my friends.

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