Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 531 - A Boy And His Cervelo P2.

July 23, 2014          235.0 lbs

Hello everyone! I have been officially declared M.I.A.! The job I have been on that is taking all my time was to end today, except due to a problem now will go a few more.

So what has been up the last couple of weeks? Not a heck of a lot other than working hard. I trained when I could, trying my best to do the long rides and swims. My right heel is still not healed up but I am out of time. I have to run.

In the last few weeks, The Boss has started to show interest in riding with me. We went out to Encanto Park last Saturday to see how she would like riding. Unfortunately, her piece of crap, sub $100.00 Walmart special mountain bike didn't impress her. Especially because she couldn't change gears! The shifter had busted since she last rode the bike. By the time e got back to the car, she was open to the idea of a new bike. Today, we headed down to Triathlon Lab and picked one up for her!

 She got a brand spanking new Felt ZW100! My dream of riding together is becoming a reality. She has even been looking at cycling jerseys online. (We got her some good Castelli riding shorts before going to the park last Saturday.) It will be nice to get out there together. Next up for her is some clip in shoes and pedals.

That just about sums it up. Oh wait, there was one more thing.   .   .

I GOT MY BIKE!!! My beloved Cervélo P2 58cm. I had them put on a different cassette, an Ultegra 11-28 to help me out with any climbing. I also have the installing the water bottle set up I like with the addition of the "torpedo" system in the front.

I go in Friday to get properly fitted and all the stuff installed. WWAAAHHHHHOOOOO!!! Just taking it for a spin around the parking lot was very cool! Can't wait to take it out for this Saturdays long ride.

Well that is it for now, until tomorrow my friends!

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