Sunday, August 31, 2014

Day 569 - Our Hero Has A Setback.

August 30, 2014           232.2 lbs

Woke up with so much pain in my feet, (yes, the plantar fasciitis is in both feet now) that I could barely walk. I was just going to continue running but I have learned that there is a very real chance I could rupture the fascia tissue and not be able to run for several months to a year. I don't know what to do and I am very worried. There is no real cure for this condition and the treatments are not very promising in their success rates. I have reached out to a physician in San Diego that specializes in this. Crossing fingers.

Until tomorrow my friends.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 568 - Weight Loss Mysteries, Aqua Sphere Kaiman's and Fighting Gravity!

August 29, 2014      232.2 lbs

Hi everyone!

Another busy day. The last week as usual was busy as well. I am exhausted but in good spirits. But first up:

I had a troll stop by here the other day. I moderate all comments due to troll activity. This particular one questioned how I could have "supposedly" lost 35 pounds as I had posted on an Instagram when my starting weight on Day 1 was 245 and my weight on Day 558 was 232.2? Anybody want to take a guess? (To be fair, I was mistaken. In looking at my tracked weight, I only lost 29 pounds in total.) I'll let some people guess before I reveal.

So the week was kind of a rest week in training which felt a little early for the month but what do I know. I fasted again on Monday and lost 2.2 pounds.  Felt a bit weak though and realized that I was not eating as much protein as I was before. Now, I don't eat anywhere near as much protein as people think they need. It is not necessary. However, I do use a plant based plant protein supplement, especially on my training days on a regular basis and realized I had been slacking. If you buy into the whole "blood type" discussion, I am Type O negative and as a result need more protein than others. I have never found this to be true though. Even as a child I was not a big meat eater. I think my body is just getting used to being this weight.

Unfortunately, my beloved TYR Customized Special Ops goggles have become crispy in the middle! I'm going to contact their customer service and see what they say. More later.

On another swim goggle front, I recently bought some Aqua Sphere Kaiman goggles with amber tinted lenses for low light swimming. Since I do a lot of swimming at dusk and at night, it made sense.

I love these goggles. They rule, that is all. I wish I got these sooner.

Here is the swim workout:

3x through 100 swim+100 kick+100 pull
12x50:  4xdrill down - clean back // 4x kick fast down, easy back//4x pulling

2x (8x25s aerobic with 5 sec rest - steady but short rest + 4x100 pulling - again short rest 10 sec - but steady + 150 broken FAST!!! 10 sec after each 50 - exactly. + 50 ez)

400 aerobic - steady - long strokes.

After the swim, I went for a "medium run" for forty-five minutes.  I have no idea what a medium run is, so I kept my heart rate around 130 bpm. Right in the middle of my Zone 2 and Zone 3 heart rates. I was feeling pretty good cruising along. I stuck to Glenoaks Blvd as I didn't want to run into any Coyotes. As I pattered away, I looked up and saw a police officer sitting in his car at a corner looking at me. Next thing I know I was falling and like last time I tripped, I rolled at the bottom instead of just slamming into the ground. I bounced back up to see the sidewalk was uneven. This is the second time I have tripped on uneven sidewalks! I didn't even feel like I was "shuffling" Oh well. I looked up to see the cop looking at me with the "Oh sh*t!" expression.  I was up so fast and moving again that he saw I was fine.

I finished the run fine and feeling pretty good. Time to have my post workout fuel and clean up the booboo! Until tomorrow my friends!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 563 - What I Am Eating and Other Training Stuff

August 24, 2014              234.6 lbs

Hi all! Doing pretty good, post fast. Haven't put on the majority of the weight I lost.

Did have a couple days of weird detox symptoms but they were very light. 

Still eating majority raw and boy do I feel different when I don't! A friend asked me to list what I eat in a day, so here it is.

Smoothie with frozen mango, strawberry, blueberry and pineapples (Trader Joes.) I add a half a bag of baby spinach and a tablespoon of the following each. Hemp seed, chia seed, flax seed (sometimes two), Supergreen's powder, and a scoop of Garden of Life- Chocolate Plant based protein powder. My plantar fasciitis is acting up so lately I'm adding a teaspoon of turmeric and a dash of pepper to the smoothie to help with the inflammation. I add enough filtered water to fill the carafe and blend. I will usually drink half of this.

Snack (Two hours later.)

I will drink the remaining half of the smoothie or I will eat a couple of oranges or a green apple with a little sunflower seed butter.

Lunch (About two hours later.)

A nice size salad usually with cucumber, carrot, tomatoes,  cauliflower, broccoli and either romaine or baby spinach. Dressing will either be a low fat balsamic vinaigrette or lemon juice with a touch of extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and a dash of pepper.
I will make four open face "sandwiches." Basically, a large flax cracker with a cashew based "mayonnaise", arugula, tomato and balsamic vinegar. These things are filling and tasty!

(Roughly two hours later.)

Usually a piece of fruit or maybe a Pure bar. I might have some raw hummus and carrot sticks. Or raw "chili" made with a bunch of veggies.


Something like raw spaghetti bolognese made with spiralized zucchini noodles. Or raw pad thai or raw lasagna or raw felafels or any number of tasty meals. Sometimes I will eat a cooked dinner, usually at Sun Cafe in Studio City, CA. It will always be 100% plant based.

Snack (Sort of two hours later.)

Could be a Pure bar or a small slice of raw "cheesecake" or a handful of spicy pepitas, (pumpkin seeds.) Sometimes, I will have a scoop of Garden of Life- Chocolate Plant based protein powder with a little sunflower seed butter.

 That's roughly it. Since I did the fast, I have been eating/craving less. Some mornings, I wake up and cut a watermelon in half and eat that. Two hours later, I eat the other half. One thing I would stress is to drink water regularly. I usually have six to eight 16 oz a day. None of this counts towards my training which I will post separately.

Some people might think I eat way too much fat in the form of nuts and seeds. To them I would say, watch this, it will alter everything you may believe about nuts!

 Lately, I have been reading this and learning quite a bit about what really makes a bike fast versus what we think makes it fast. Hint- weight is not nearly the factor you think it is when it comes to climbing. Most fascinating to me so far is the information about rim depth and how effective the deeper rims really are as I am looking at some aero wheels.

Today I had my big brick.  Here is the workouts. First up the swim:

200 swim - 200 kick - 200 pull - 200 swim

3x(500 aerobic / IM pacing + 5x100 on the IM pacing/aerobic send off - if you held 1:25 on the avg pace for the 500, then 1:25 is your send off for the 5x100)

Next up was the run:

LR - after 20' warm up (ideally after swimming) - settle into Z2 HR running for 1+ hour.  Can pick up some speed on the back end, maybe for 10'.

I love running along the beach path in Long Beach after the swim. I love seeing the lights and the Queen Mary at the dock. I remembered to take my water bottle full of Skratch Labs hydration mix and two Pure bars. As a result, I felt strong and maintained the effort easily.

I have to be honest, I still get bothered about running so slow. My coach always says, it's not about getting faster, it's about being more efficient. Great, but I still need to be faster than the cut off time. Still, I have confidence in the training even if I have doubts about my ability. The plantar fasciitis is still there in my heal. Hurts every time I stand up after sitting still or laying down for awhile. I'm just going to have to live with it.

Here is a picture comparison of me, roughly one year ago and now, (pre fast!)

That's it for now. Take care everyone and please be kind to one another.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 558 - Coyotes, Colonics, Fasting and 5k's

August 19, 2014           232.2 lbs

Hello everyone. it has been a colorful and poignant wek. Here is a recap of the 5k I did with The Boss on Sunday.

The Awesome 80's Run was the race. I enjoyed it last year because of the relaxed vibe and colorful costumes. I didn't even wear my Garmin as I didn't think The Boss was going to run it.

The race started at 9:00am and by then it was hot out. Also, this was the first and maybe last time I got The Boss to do a race. But when they said go, she took off like the Flash!

But at the end we got our cool Ms. PacMan medals and got to share another adventure. (I think if she actually trained a little bit, she would have enjoyed it more.)

Sadly, immediately after the race we attended a memorial service for a dear friend and mentor. Dick Smith, legendary make-up artist and all around great guy. I work in the movies because of him. It was a touching service held at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Samual Golden theater.

Later that day, I went to Alamitos Bay to do my brick workout.

Here is the workout:

400 swim - 100 kick - 300 pull - 100 catch up

(5x100 with 10ish sec rest + 500 aerobic/steady)
Rnd 1 - swim
Rnd 2 - kick but on 500 make every 4th length kick no board
Rnd 3 - pulling

I use the bayous as yard markers. One thing that I realized is I need some clear or even better amber lense goggles for night swimming.

Here is the run:

LR - 20' warm up then settle into Z2 HR running for 60+ minutes.

Monday, I tried something different, I did a water fast. My weight was 236.8 lbs. I was only going to do 24 hours but ended up doing about 36 hours when I added it all up. I wasn't too bad. My body handled it well. 
I also did a colonic, which I never ever imagined I would try. In researching it, I learned that people can lose up to five pounds of fecal waste that is trapped in their body. Well I'm committed to this whole weight loss thing so I did it. Was it comfortable? Not in the least. But it also wasn't traumatizing. And when it was done, I felt pretty darn clean inside and out! Sigh.  .  .  Let know one question my commitment.

This morning I weighed 232.2 lbs. I broke the fast at Sun Cafe. As we sat at the table The Boss kept raving about how thin I looked and took this picture to show me.

I agree, I look a heck of a lot thinner. Raw nachos and orange cream sickle shake was the first meal. So tasty!

Later, I went back to a Sun Cafe sponsored raw food cooking class taught by pioneering raw food chef BeLive.

It was a great class taught by a very energetic, positive and colorful person. I had a great time and the food was excellent.

After the BeLive class I attended a birthday party for a new friend, Steve Factor who is the owner of Rawkin Juice in Burbank. The party was at Sun Cafe. Spent a lot of time at Sun Cafe today!

I did my workout, hill repeats around midnight. Here is the workout.

Run quality - Hill repeats 4x with a10 min Z2 running stretch after: After hill repeats - the running is very indicative of your 'go all day' be good about just running on feel and look after what the pace is...

I thought I would struggle with not eating the previous day but the only thing I noticed was my heart rate wanted to climb a bit faster. Coach told me to basically run up a steep hill that is long enough to run for five minutes. At the end of the five minutes, easy jog back down the hill and immediately run back up when you reach the bottom. I was to maintain my heart rate in the upper Z3 zone. For me, that is about 150 bpm. If it went higher, I walked a few seconds to let it lower. After the hill repeats, I did a ten minute Z2 run.

I took the The Puppy with me and on the third descent, a coyote crossed the street towards us! Dang, this is getting out of hand! I ran at it like a crazy person flailing my arms, Orion also acting aggressive and fortunately it walked away. I put her in my car for the last repeat just in case and made a mental note to get some pepper spray. (Remember, this took place at midnight so the car wasn't hot inside at all and I was running past it both ways so I could check on her.)
On the last repeat, I saw the same coyote had been tracking me from above. I kept looking around to see if he was an advance scout for the pack.

Anyways and adventurous day with lots of positive energy. Until tomorrow my friends.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Day 551 - Hill Repeats and a PSA about Depression.

August 12, 2014

Hill repeats! Here is the workout: 1:15:00 Total

"Run quality - 3x hill repeat + 8' Z2 running HR Section after.  Should be on feel and light.  After hill repeats - the running is very indicative of your 'go all day' be good about just running on feel and look after what the pace is..."

So I ran up a steep hill for five minutes. My steep hill. Frankly, I am amazed I was able to go as far as I did without tiring! I only slowed to let my heart rate slow when I went over Z4. This is part of a strength building phase that will be followed by a speed phase, I believe.

After the hill repeats, I ran in Z2 for forty-two minutes. And once again, I saw a big coyote. Ran right past me, then stopped and stared at me. Unsure weather to follow or not. I had an LED flashlight with me that I shined in its eyes, so it ran off.

The plantar fasciitis is still there, but seems slightly better. My left knee hurts to step up. Weather walking up stairs or in the park up the hill after The Puppy. But doesn't hurt too much to run on. Watching to see if it gets worse. Might look into the physio tape stuff.

And now a quick word about depression.

I see many people, in light of the tragic death of Robin Williams, commenting as if depression is something that can be switched on and off at will. As if all one that suffers from it need do is "snap out of it." Like their is a choice. There is not.

That's not how it works people.

Clinical depression, rolls in like a summer storm. You can tell when it is about to hit most times. Once it has its grip on you, all that can be done is to ride it out.

I know this because I have suffered from it for the majority of my life. One thing that I have learned as I got older is that now when it happens, instead of feeling like the pain will last forever, I know that it will go away eventually. Most often sooner than later. Knowing this makes enduring it much better. Not easier or more convenient, just better. As in stepping on small shards of broken glass with a barefoot is better than stepping on large pieces.

I can empathize with the spiral Robin must have felt. If he was drinking, it would have only felt worse and removed some of the inhibitors that we hold onto. Inhibitors that make the difference in someone giving in and letting go or continuing the fight. Then again, though I have had a few close calls, I credit a very primal self preservation instinct for keeping me around. But I have been lucky to not spiral down so completely that there was no way back. It is not a choice.

So what helps? The three things that have helped the absolute most was getting clean of all "avoiders", changing my diet and exercise. What are "avoiders?" Anything that lets your brain take breaks from reality. Alcohol, pain killers, cigarettes, soda, fast food, etc. Yes, food is an avoider. I have a friend that is eating himself to death everyday because he is sick of feeling like he is a piece of shit. He is not, he is a good man that can't forgive himself for some mistakes. Nothing anyone tells him will help. His pain spirals around his brain everyday and the only thing that helps reduce it or distracts him from it is eating. Then his guilt over eating compounds everything and adds to the cycle which repeats plus now he is pissed off that he isn't showing any self control and lashes out at his loved ones. Trying to make his bent self image a reality because he still thinks he isn't worth it. He is.

Changing my diet immediately reduced the amount and the intensity of my depression cycles. Exercise reduced them even more. I saw a t-shirt once that said there is no problem that running doesn't help. I would say the same about swimming and cycling to. The more raw I eat, the more positive I seem to get. It is very strange and a little wonderful. I don't want to judge people anymore and I don't need to tear people down to feel better either. This is a crazy journey, life. It is a shame to give up.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 550 - Flat Tires, Ultegra Brakes and Robin Williams.

August 11, 2014

To blog post in a row!? I know.  .  .  I know.  .  .

Took the Cervélo in to get upgraded brake calipers installed.  As I started to put it in the car, I noticed the rear wheel was flat. Dang!!! That is three flats since I got this bike, not only that, but a flat of my new Continental Gatorskins. Double Dang!!!!!!

 The Boss and I made it to Triathlon Lab in Redondo Beach in record time and as usual, were taken care of.

 New Speed Play pedals and shoe clips for The Boss and new brake calipers for me. Oh, and a new tube. Carlos, the mechanic, found the flat culprit pretty quickly, a very thin piece of wire, no thicker than a hair. I ended up getting an Ultegra 6800 caliper set as Carlos recommended them.

A quick spin when we got home and yeah, they make a big difference. Robin Williams passed away today. Sad does not quite describe it. The rumors are that he was deeply depressed and he was recently in rehab again. As an addict, I can understand the want to just end the on going struggle. It gets old quickly. But because of getting sober/clean, life begins again. It's for the promise of the new life that you keep going.

Having said that, I have identified certain obsessive behaviors starting to rear their ugly heads in my brain. I have to keep it under control or I wont lose any more weight.

Well, that is it for now, until tomorrow my friends.  .  .

Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 549 - Floating On Moonlight and SRAM Force.

August 10, 2014          235.2 lbs

Another week of training, another week of crazy work hours. A far cry from being unemployed at this time last year with a failed GoFundMe campaign and literally wondering how I was going to pay for rent/bills. So what made the difference? What changed everything? No idea.  .  . 

Well, maybe one thing.

As crazy as it may sound, I got sick of being stressed about money and I just stopped worrying. All the sudden, work began to pour in. If you read my last post, you will have read that I am now worried about not having enough training volume to complete the race. 

I am going to make an effort to not worry about anything. Just train as much as I can and do the best I can. 

The Cervélo is awesome however I do not like the FSA brakes that came with it. I'm going to upgrade to some SRAM Force brake calipers. At first I was simply going to change the brake pads, but the issue I have is in what feels like flex in the calipers. The SRAM's are stiffer and more consistent.

 This week was a recovery week so not too many brick's. Making an effort to wake up early and train before working. I did it before my ride on Thursday and felt great for the rest of the day. But then that day turned into 36 hours without sleep again and I spent the rest of the week, trying to recover. Oh well.

 I had a beautiful run tonight at the beach. Super moon lighting the path. Knees and feet didn't hurt too bad and I started to float for awhile. Lost in the rhythm of the cadence and the waves. Even though it was only a short, one hour run, it felt great.

More to come. Until tomorrow my friends.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 543 - A Mash Up of Days

August 4, 2014              233.6 lbs

Hello all!

I am putting a few of the pictures I took over the past several days up all at once.
Please remember that except for pictures with The Puppy in the park, all "selfies" are accountability photos. 

This is from an hour and a half night ride I did at 2:30 am. Where I really bonded with the new Cervélo P2. 

Here I am about to do a five hour ride last Saturday at Encanto Park. It was a good ride except it rained each time I got on top of Santa Fe Dam. I received several nice comments about this picture. Thank you ladies! I think it's the hair.

After the long ride I had a 30 minute run. Unfortunately, it was still raining. The Puppy went with me and loved it. The Boss went with us as well but got sick of running so slow for me to maintain my Z2 heart rate and eventually took off on her own.

Still eating clean and losing weight. Here is an all raw Asian themed meal The Boss made.

Those rumbling clouds hung around for awhile.

The Puppy exercising.

Today I have been sober from alcohol for four months. This is kombucha. I do think about having a drink often still. But like with urges to eat unhealthily, I remind myself that "I don't do that anymore." A very empowering phrase.

My workload has increased significantly and getting training in is more difficult than ever. Combined with the recent plantar fasciitis, I am concerned about Ironman. Actually scared that I may not have enough volume to finish. Well, all I can do is my best.

Until next time my friends.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Day 539 - A Series Of Unfortunate Cervelo Events.

July 31, 2014               235.4 lbs

Okay so I said I was finishing work and going to blog more last week, but I ended up getting more work! I don't know what is going on but hey,  .  .  it's better than being unemployed!

 So the very first ride with the new Cervélo P2, (which I have named Snowball!) had a minor set back.  .  .  a flat. As soon as I got to the bottom of Santa Fe Dam and crossed to the San Gabriel River Trail, the front began losing air.

 I never heard a pop or ran over anything.

 Oh well.  .  .

Soon I had the wheel fixed and I was moving down the path. I have to be honest, the rest of the ride was a little sketchy. I was not comfortable in the saddle as my testicles were taking a beating in aero. I was constantly making a mental list of what I need to improve the ride, new saddle, chain, brake calipers, etc.  .  . The brakes in particular feel really crappy so I'm going to upgrade them to Ultegra 6700. The first corner I did at speed almost wiped me out because the front wheel slipped. I don't know how I didn't drop it.
I did another shorter ride later in the week with The Boss, who is just getting into cycling herself. We did two hours and she didn't let the road or cars bother her. I was very proud of her riding with me.

 Also, this past week, I ran for a solid hour for the first time since getting Plantar Fasciiitus in my right heal! The run was fine, no problems.

 I was sore the next morning and worried that I may have re-injured it. (I ran directly past a coyote at one point!) After adding turmeric and a dash of pepper to my smoothie, I was feeling fantastic. The turmeric reduces inflammation and the pepper helps the body process the turmeric.

I watched for signs of my heal getting worse, just to be safe but it did not. I use my M80 foam roller every time I pass it and I am convinced that it is helping break up the inflammation and scar tissue in the bottom of my foot. I stand on it and carefully move slightly forward and back several times.

I rode tonight for one and a half hours in Z2 with five, five minute intervals in Z3.Everything went fine until the end, but I'll get to that.
I got to really enjoy the ride tonight and feel what makes the bike so awesome. I was flying indeed and boy does this bike cut through the wind! I'm not even sure what if anything happened since the first ride, I was just more comfortable.

 Just as I was heading up the big hill in my neighborhood, I noticed the front wheel wasn't as responsive. Sure enough, another flat tire! I was pedaling like crazy trying to get up the hill before I had to get off and walk! I as very concerned that the tire would slip out from under me. Luckily, I made it all the way to my garage. Next stop, Continental Gatorskin tires for both mine and The Boss's wheels.

Here's The Puppy.  .  .
Until next time my friends!