Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 543 - A Mash Up of Days

August 4, 2014              233.6 lbs

Hello all!

I am putting a few of the pictures I took over the past several days up all at once.
Please remember that except for pictures with The Puppy in the park, all "selfies" are accountability photos. 

This is from an hour and a half night ride I did at 2:30 am. Where I really bonded with the new Cervélo P2. 

Here I am about to do a five hour ride last Saturday at Encanto Park. It was a good ride except it rained each time I got on top of Santa Fe Dam. I received several nice comments about this picture. Thank you ladies! I think it's the hair.

After the long ride I had a 30 minute run. Unfortunately, it was still raining. The Puppy went with me and loved it. The Boss went with us as well but got sick of running so slow for me to maintain my Z2 heart rate and eventually took off on her own.

Still eating clean and losing weight. Here is an all raw Asian themed meal The Boss made.

Those rumbling clouds hung around for awhile.

The Puppy exercising.

Today I have been sober from alcohol for four months. This is kombucha. I do think about having a drink often still. But like with urges to eat unhealthily, I remind myself that "I don't do that anymore." A very empowering phrase.

My workload has increased significantly and getting training in is more difficult than ever. Combined with the recent plantar fasciitis, I am concerned about Ironman. Actually scared that I may not have enough volume to finish. Well, all I can do is my best.

Until next time my friends.

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