Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 550 - Flat Tires, Ultegra Brakes and Robin Williams.

August 11, 2014

To blog post in a row!? I know.  .  .  I know.  .  .

Took the Cervélo in to get upgraded brake calipers installed.  As I started to put it in the car, I noticed the rear wheel was flat. Dang!!! That is three flats since I got this bike, not only that, but a flat of my new Continental Gatorskins. Double Dang!!!!!!

 The Boss and I made it to Triathlon Lab in Redondo Beach in record time and as usual, were taken care of.

 New Speed Play pedals and shoe clips for The Boss and new brake calipers for me. Oh, and a new tube. Carlos, the mechanic, found the flat culprit pretty quickly, a very thin piece of wire, no thicker than a hair. I ended up getting an Ultegra 6800 caliper set as Carlos recommended them.

A quick spin when we got home and yeah, they make a big difference. Robin Williams passed away today. Sad does not quite describe it. The rumors are that he was deeply depressed and he was recently in rehab again. As an addict, I can understand the want to just end the on going struggle. It gets old quickly. But because of getting sober/clean, life begins again. It's for the promise of the new life that you keep going.

Having said that, I have identified certain obsessive behaviors starting to rear their ugly heads in my brain. I have to keep it under control or I wont lose any more weight.

Well, that is it for now, until tomorrow my friends.  .  .

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