Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 558 - Coyotes, Colonics, Fasting and 5k's

August 19, 2014           232.2 lbs

Hello everyone. it has been a colorful and poignant wek. Here is a recap of the 5k I did with The Boss on Sunday.

The Awesome 80's Run was the race. I enjoyed it last year because of the relaxed vibe and colorful costumes. I didn't even wear my Garmin as I didn't think The Boss was going to run it.

The race started at 9:00am and by then it was hot out. Also, this was the first and maybe last time I got The Boss to do a race. But when they said go, she took off like the Flash!

But at the end we got our cool Ms. PacMan medals and got to share another adventure. (I think if she actually trained a little bit, she would have enjoyed it more.)

Sadly, immediately after the race we attended a memorial service for a dear friend and mentor. Dick Smith, legendary make-up artist and all around great guy. I work in the movies because of him. It was a touching service held at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Samual Golden theater.

Later that day, I went to Alamitos Bay to do my brick workout.

Here is the workout:

400 swim - 100 kick - 300 pull - 100 catch up

(5x100 with 10ish sec rest + 500 aerobic/steady)
Rnd 1 - swim
Rnd 2 - kick but on 500 make every 4th length kick no board
Rnd 3 - pulling

I use the bayous as yard markers. One thing that I realized is I need some clear or even better amber lense goggles for night swimming.

Here is the run:

LR - 20' warm up then settle into Z2 HR running for 60+ minutes.

Monday, I tried something different, I did a water fast. My weight was 236.8 lbs. I was only going to do 24 hours but ended up doing about 36 hours when I added it all up. I wasn't too bad. My body handled it well. 
I also did a colonic, which I never ever imagined I would try. In researching it, I learned that people can lose up to five pounds of fecal waste that is trapped in their body. Well I'm committed to this whole weight loss thing so I did it. Was it comfortable? Not in the least. But it also wasn't traumatizing. And when it was done, I felt pretty darn clean inside and out! Sigh.  .  .  Let know one question my commitment.

This morning I weighed 232.2 lbs. I broke the fast at Sun Cafe. As we sat at the table The Boss kept raving about how thin I looked and took this picture to show me.

I agree, I look a heck of a lot thinner. Raw nachos and orange cream sickle shake was the first meal. So tasty!

Later, I went back to a Sun Cafe sponsored raw food cooking class taught by pioneering raw food chef BeLive.

It was a great class taught by a very energetic, positive and colorful person. I had a great time and the food was excellent.

After the BeLive class I attended a birthday party for a new friend, Steve Factor who is the owner of Rawkin Juice in Burbank. The party was at Sun Cafe. Spent a lot of time at Sun Cafe today!

I did my workout, hill repeats around midnight. Here is the workout.

Run quality - Hill repeats 4x with a10 min Z2 running stretch after: After hill repeats - the running is very indicative of your 'go all day' be good about just running on feel and look after what the pace is...

I thought I would struggle with not eating the previous day but the only thing I noticed was my heart rate wanted to climb a bit faster. Coach told me to basically run up a steep hill that is long enough to run for five minutes. At the end of the five minutes, easy jog back down the hill and immediately run back up when you reach the bottom. I was to maintain my heart rate in the upper Z3 zone. For me, that is about 150 bpm. If it went higher, I walked a few seconds to let it lower. After the hill repeats, I did a ten minute Z2 run.

I took the The Puppy with me and on the third descent, a coyote crossed the street towards us! Dang, this is getting out of hand! I ran at it like a crazy person flailing my arms, Orion also acting aggressive and fortunately it walked away. I put her in my car for the last repeat just in case and made a mental note to get some pepper spray. (Remember, this took place at midnight so the car wasn't hot inside at all and I was running past it both ways so I could check on her.)
On the last repeat, I saw the same coyote had been tracking me from above. I kept looking around to see if he was an advance scout for the pack.

Anyways and adventurous day with lots of positive energy. Until tomorrow my friends.

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