Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 563 - What I Am Eating and Other Training Stuff

August 24, 2014              234.6 lbs

Hi all! Doing pretty good, post fast. Haven't put on the majority of the weight I lost.

Did have a couple days of weird detox symptoms but they were very light. 

Still eating majority raw and boy do I feel different when I don't! A friend asked me to list what I eat in a day, so here it is.

Smoothie with frozen mango, strawberry, blueberry and pineapples (Trader Joes.) I add a half a bag of baby spinach and a tablespoon of the following each. Hemp seed, chia seed, flax seed (sometimes two), Supergreen's powder, and a scoop of Garden of Life- Chocolate Plant based protein powder. My plantar fasciitis is acting up so lately I'm adding a teaspoon of turmeric and a dash of pepper to the smoothie to help with the inflammation. I add enough filtered water to fill the carafe and blend. I will usually drink half of this.

Snack (Two hours later.)

I will drink the remaining half of the smoothie or I will eat a couple of oranges or a green apple with a little sunflower seed butter.

Lunch (About two hours later.)

A nice size salad usually with cucumber, carrot, tomatoes,  cauliflower, broccoli and either romaine or baby spinach. Dressing will either be a low fat balsamic vinaigrette or lemon juice with a touch of extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and a dash of pepper.
I will make four open face "sandwiches." Basically, a large flax cracker with a cashew based "mayonnaise", arugula, tomato and balsamic vinegar. These things are filling and tasty!

(Roughly two hours later.)

Usually a piece of fruit or maybe a Pure bar. I might have some raw hummus and carrot sticks. Or raw "chili" made with a bunch of veggies.


Something like raw spaghetti bolognese made with spiralized zucchini noodles. Or raw pad thai or raw lasagna or raw felafels or any number of tasty meals. Sometimes I will eat a cooked dinner, usually at Sun Cafe in Studio City, CA. It will always be 100% plant based.

Snack (Sort of two hours later.)

Could be a Pure bar or a small slice of raw "cheesecake" or a handful of spicy pepitas, (pumpkin seeds.) Sometimes, I will have a scoop of Garden of Life- Chocolate Plant based protein powder with a little sunflower seed butter.

 That's roughly it. Since I did the fast, I have been eating/craving less. Some mornings, I wake up and cut a watermelon in half and eat that. Two hours later, I eat the other half. One thing I would stress is to drink water regularly. I usually have six to eight 16 oz a day. None of this counts towards my training which I will post separately.

Some people might think I eat way too much fat in the form of nuts and seeds. To them I would say, watch this, it will alter everything you may believe about nuts!

 Lately, I have been reading this and learning quite a bit about what really makes a bike fast versus what we think makes it fast. Hint- weight is not nearly the factor you think it is when it comes to climbing. Most fascinating to me so far is the information about rim depth and how effective the deeper rims really are as I am looking at some aero wheels.

Today I had my big brick.  Here is the workouts. First up the swim:

200 swim - 200 kick - 200 pull - 200 swim

3x(500 aerobic / IM pacing + 5x100 on the IM pacing/aerobic send off - if you held 1:25 on the avg pace for the 500, then 1:25 is your send off for the 5x100)

Next up was the run:

LR - after 20' warm up (ideally after swimming) - settle into Z2 HR running for 1+ hour.  Can pick up some speed on the back end, maybe for 10'.

I love running along the beach path in Long Beach after the swim. I love seeing the lights and the Queen Mary at the dock. I remembered to take my water bottle full of Skratch Labs hydration mix and two Pure bars. As a result, I felt strong and maintained the effort easily.

I have to be honest, I still get bothered about running so slow. My coach always says, it's not about getting faster, it's about being more efficient. Great, but I still need to be faster than the cut off time. Still, I have confidence in the training even if I have doubts about my ability. The plantar fasciitis is still there in my heal. Hurts every time I stand up after sitting still or laying down for awhile. I'm just going to have to live with it.

Here is a picture comparison of me, roughly one year ago and now, (pre fast!)

That's it for now. Take care everyone and please be kind to one another.

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