Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 568 - Weight Loss Mysteries, Aqua Sphere Kaiman's and Fighting Gravity!

August 29, 2014      232.2 lbs

Hi everyone!

Another busy day. The last week as usual was busy as well. I am exhausted but in good spirits. But first up:

I had a troll stop by here the other day. I moderate all comments due to troll activity. This particular one questioned how I could have "supposedly" lost 35 pounds as I had posted on an Instagram when my starting weight on Day 1 was 245 and my weight on Day 558 was 232.2? Anybody want to take a guess? (To be fair, I was mistaken. In looking at my tracked weight, I only lost 29 pounds in total.) I'll let some people guess before I reveal.

So the week was kind of a rest week in training which felt a little early for the month but what do I know. I fasted again on Monday and lost 2.2 pounds.  Felt a bit weak though and realized that I was not eating as much protein as I was before. Now, I don't eat anywhere near as much protein as people think they need. It is not necessary. However, I do use a plant based plant protein supplement, especially on my training days on a regular basis and realized I had been slacking. If you buy into the whole "blood type" discussion, I am Type O negative and as a result need more protein than others. I have never found this to be true though. Even as a child I was not a big meat eater. I think my body is just getting used to being this weight.

Unfortunately, my beloved TYR Customized Special Ops goggles have become crispy in the middle! I'm going to contact their customer service and see what they say. More later.

On another swim goggle front, I recently bought some Aqua Sphere Kaiman goggles with amber tinted lenses for low light swimming. Since I do a lot of swimming at dusk and at night, it made sense.

I love these goggles. They rule, that is all. I wish I got these sooner.

Here is the swim workout:

3x through 100 swim+100 kick+100 pull
12x50:  4xdrill down - clean back // 4x kick fast down, easy back//4x pulling

2x (8x25s aerobic with 5 sec rest - steady but short rest + 4x100 pulling - again short rest 10 sec - but steady + 150 broken FAST!!! 10 sec after each 50 - exactly. + 50 ez)

400 aerobic - steady - long strokes.

After the swim, I went for a "medium run" for forty-five minutes.  I have no idea what a medium run is, so I kept my heart rate around 130 bpm. Right in the middle of my Zone 2 and Zone 3 heart rates. I was feeling pretty good cruising along. I stuck to Glenoaks Blvd as I didn't want to run into any Coyotes. As I pattered away, I looked up and saw a police officer sitting in his car at a corner looking at me. Next thing I know I was falling and like last time I tripped, I rolled at the bottom instead of just slamming into the ground. I bounced back up to see the sidewalk was uneven. This is the second time I have tripped on uneven sidewalks! I didn't even feel like I was "shuffling" Oh well. I looked up to see the cop looking at me with the "Oh sh*t!" expression.  I was up so fast and moving again that he saw I was fine.

I finished the run fine and feeling pretty good. Time to have my post workout fuel and clean up the booboo! Until tomorrow my friends!

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