Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 583 - Biking On Water, Trails, Blisters and Strava Grand Fondo.

September 13, 2014              231.4 lbs

Were to begin. I started trail running per coaches suggestion and love it. I wish I began a month earlier. Doesn't hurt my feet as much. The plantar fasciitis is getting better.  .  .  slowly.

 I managed to get the Gran Fondo achievement on Strava because I rode 130 km or 80 miles in one ride.

 I have been really strict with the workouts, especially watching my heart rate.

 On my long ride last Saturday, I rode to Seal Beach, (during the 80 miler) and on the way back, the trail had flooded because of the tide coming in! I ended up being on the San Gabriel River Trail much longer after dark than normal. There was a beautiful moon and it was really peaceful out there. Quiet with perfect weather.

I have been trail running or walk/hiking as much as I can for all my run workouts. It is going great.

 Except on my second outing, I got a massive blister on the back of each heel!

 I did some more hill repeats that unfortunately had me limping the next day as I did them on the sidewalk instead of the trails due to time limitations.

 I got in a few swim workouts as well. Starting to feel comfortable in the pool again. Still feel the difference between open water and the pool.

 During one ride I passed this radar sign with no one behind me. Just as I snapped the picture, the speed changed to this!

 A friend of mine apparently has family who make night splints for plantar fashiitis and other orthotics. He sent me two night boots, some orthotic insoles and another soft splint. I had no idea stabilizing my foot could help so much with the pain. I also had no idea my foot was moving so much in the night. Enough to irritate the P.F..

  I was having some issues with my eating. Feeling stressed, I was always hungry and making sure to keep my stomach full always. Still eating really clean, but I started to gain weight again. Got up to 237 lbs!

So I embraced the idea that I need to just be a little hungry all the time. Something I have issues with for various reasons stemming from my childhood. Within two days, I lost five pounds. It is not easy but it is doable. I should be clear in that I am not starving myself. Just getting used to working with less. I have a couple months now until race day, I have to lose more.

 Definitely, something new to get used to. Trying to teach my body to use fat as the primary fuel source.

That's it for now, I'm exhausted and heading to sleep. Until tomorrow my friends.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Day 573 - A Step In A New Direction!

September 3, 2014            234.6 lbs

Hi all.

The doctor in San Diego got back to me and offered to do a phone consultation basically for $120. I think I will do it as soon as I get paid. My coach also responded to a message I sent telling him of recent events. I told him about the treatments I have been doing so far.

"We both know the answer is no running.  But we also know that it will compromise a lot.  Some tips:  stay off pavement.  Trails for long runs?  Treadmill during week?  Support in shoes is proper?  Meaning that it allows your arch to be supported?"

Already on the orthotics, plus a friend, after reading the last post, revealed that his family sells orthotic devices including night splints and offered to send some. Yaaayyyyyy!!! Thanks Jay!

I love the idea of doing trail running. I never considered it as my weight to power ratio is still very low. I figured I would redzone too fast so why bother. Well coach pointed out that:

"You hike up the hills and run on the flats." He also pointed out that my heart wont know the difference.

Today, I had a brick with a whopper of a swim followed by an active recovery bike. Here is the swim:

400 warm up
16x25 - 4xwith 10 sec rest -8x with 5 sec rest - 4x10 sec rest
8x100 steady with 10 sec. rest
6x400 broken: this means after a 200, rest for exactly 10 seconds, then swim the second 200.  Rest 45 sec. between each 400

My breathing was a little clunky and I didn't really find the rhythm until the last 800 yards.  I also noticed the strong distinction between pool swimming and open water swimming.

Here is the ride:

Active recovery bike, 45 minutes.

After the workout, I ate at Sun Cafe and had some excellent raw key lime pie!!! Tasty and healthy.


A lot happening tomorrow. Until tomorrow my friends.