Friday, September 5, 2014

Day 573 - A Step In A New Direction!

September 3, 2014            234.6 lbs

Hi all.

The doctor in San Diego got back to me and offered to do a phone consultation basically for $120. I think I will do it as soon as I get paid. My coach also responded to a message I sent telling him of recent events. I told him about the treatments I have been doing so far.

"We both know the answer is no running.  But we also know that it will compromise a lot.  Some tips:  stay off pavement.  Trails for long runs?  Treadmill during week?  Support in shoes is proper?  Meaning that it allows your arch to be supported?"

Already on the orthotics, plus a friend, after reading the last post, revealed that his family sells orthotic devices including night splints and offered to send some. Yaaayyyyyy!!! Thanks Jay!

I love the idea of doing trail running. I never considered it as my weight to power ratio is still very low. I figured I would redzone too fast so why bother. Well coach pointed out that:

"You hike up the hills and run on the flats." He also pointed out that my heart wont know the difference.

Today, I had a brick with a whopper of a swim followed by an active recovery bike. Here is the swim:

400 warm up
16x25 - 4xwith 10 sec rest -8x with 5 sec rest - 4x10 sec rest
8x100 steady with 10 sec. rest
6x400 broken: this means after a 200, rest for exactly 10 seconds, then swim the second 200.  Rest 45 sec. between each 400

My breathing was a little clunky and I didn't really find the rhythm until the last 800 yards.  I also noticed the strong distinction between pool swimming and open water swimming.

Here is the ride:

Active recovery bike, 45 minutes.

After the workout, I ate at Sun Cafe and had some excellent raw key lime pie!!! Tasty and healthy.


A lot happening tomorrow. Until tomorrow my friends.

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