Friday, November 7, 2014

Day 637 - Big Update As The Day Draws Nigh!

October 21, 2014                               237lbs                    9 days until the race.

Hello everyone!

I don't know if anybody is still reading this as I have really been bad about posting lately. I think this is the longest I went without a post since I started the blog. So what happened?

Well I was pretty down about the plantar fasciitis but was able to get past the depression and motivation killing apathy that set in. Right about that time, I got sucked into this terrible situation where I was working seven days a week with several 24 and 48 hour days in there, but I was so broke I had a negative balance in my bank account. I was struggling with my work as I even had a friend give me the worst insult you can say to an artist. (That my work wasn't clean.) Well, the excess work combined with being awake for days on end and worrying about money took its toll. During this time I missed more workouts than I can count. Weeks. Every time someone would tell me "You have put in the work." for the race, I would feel like a complete fraud. Still do. My feet are still no better and ache constantly. It was not a very hopeful situation and I didn't want to continuously whine about my problems so I stayed away from the blog. I didn't have time to post anyhow.

Despite all the negative stuff, I kept feeling like things would improve somehow. I will say it was a pretty low point. Then out of nowhere, things got better.  All the sudden some money came in and we could breathe again. Then the impossible happened and I was able to get my aero wheels! And then after that, I got my RŌKA Maverick Pro wetsuit! (Thanks again RŌKA! See you at Ironman Village!) Just today, I got my aero helmet from Triathlon Lab. How all this happened I believe is a direct testament to the laws of attraction.  .  .  And I took out a loan!

My weight stabilized and during the worse stress, my OCD kicked into high gear and I had a pizza obsession for several days. Followed by a Coca Cola binge! One of the worse things you can drink, (Diet Coke is the worst!) and frankly, one of the hardest things for me to let go of. I have quit smoking, drinking, Vicodin and fast food but giving up Coke is the single most difficult challenge so far. I can go months without it but then, BAM!, I must have it!
Yet even with all this, I did not gain all the weight back. I'm hovering around 235 lbs. on average.
Now onto some positive things that happened in the last few weeks. I rode my first 112 miles a few Saturdays ago. It was incredible. Coach's workout description was 100 miles of steady effort and fun. For some reason, it rang true with me and I went into the ride from the standpoint of really enjoying myself.  And that is exactly what I did! I stayed in Z2 the majority of the ride and completed the 112 miles in 8:05:40. This gave me hope! In my head, since I will be racing in z3, I should be farther ahead on time. There was a chance. Even with the wacky feet. Hope is a beautiful and powerful thing. It can power the world.

I also completed a three hour trail run that had The Puppy and I running/hiking along the very top of the highest peaks in Griffith Park.  .  .  Twice! From Los Felis to the Griffith Observatory. Three hours of running and hiking on only a Camebak of water and a single Pure bar. (We never intended to go so far and then figured we could refuel at the Griffith Observatory's snack bar only to arrive and find it closed. Doh!)

Onto what I'm doing to be a better person. Empathy is what I am currently working on most as part of my personal growth. I find increasing my empathy for others really helps me to not judge so much or get angry for stupid reasons. (Road rage?) I'm also working on not thinking of woman as objects. You can read into that however you like.

So am I ready? Nope. But I will do my best leaving everything out there. It is easy to think of all the missed workouts and poor diet choices and think, "if I only would have" but it is now too late for looking back. I was pretty stressed about the whole thing. Mostly about letting down the few supporters that have stuck with this roller coaster ride. Then the wife put things in perspective for me. She said, "So what if you don't finish. What will happen? You need to go out there and have fun with it. Embrace the experience and thrive. That will bring your greatest happiness." Something clicked in my head and I immediately relaxed. So as I write this, I have good and less than good days. But I am actively trying to remind myself to have fun.

Lastly, I am opening up the GoFundMe campaign again to try to off set some of the expenses. If you like what I do and want to help, please donate. Thank you!!!

Until next time my friends.


  1. "I also completed a three hour trail run that had The Puppy and I running/hiking along the very top of the highest peaks in Griffith Park. . . Twice!"

    This. And all of your blogs. You are the man Mike!!!